Muster360 Symfony Cloud Software

Muster360 Symfony Cloud Software
Cloud-Based Software
Continuous Integration
Test-driven development
Vue JS

Fish Vision worked closely with John Sample Group (JSG) to create a custom Symfony platform for their partners and customers to collaborate on specifying requirements for one of the product ranges they offer; Muster Fire Suppression System. Previously JSG had offered desktop software to their partners however this was dated and difficult to version control. They decided to rebuild using cloud based software to allow for better management and a refined user experience.

The process for designing the Muster360 software was carried out over a number of workshops which explored the processes of putting together details of the machine which the fire suppression system would be installed on;

  • Risk Assessment, recommendations for reducing risks, risk rating
  • Detailing machine specifications and measurements
  • Specifying suppression products to be used according to Australian safety standards
  • Creating a system design diagram
  • Creating a customer quote
  • Customer sign off / approval
  • Installation of system according to Australian safety standards
  • Maintenance of machine according to Australian safety standards

The software includes a varied permissions structure based on the training levels of partners, a CRM database of customers and the machines which JSG provide Muster systems for.  As well as a record of installation and maintenance allowing JSG account managers greater visibility over their reselling partners and regions to build better relationships for their business and to monitor quality standards with much greater visibility.

The software uses a Symfony framework backend, a VueJS frontend and custom built elements such a PDF generation and queuing system, it also uses a graphing tool for creating system diagrams.


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