User and Business Process management

Business tools can add huge amounts of value to your company through automating and centralising your workflows or processes to improve efficiency. As businesses grow having these tools can make the difference in being able to scale, or not.

We can help your business serve your customers and clients better through smoother internal processes. 

Membership Access

Do you have members accessing your system? Manage registrations, licenses, renewals and permission types through member access.

Permissions Management

Define user types with permission settings which will control the areas of the system your users can access.

User Generated Content

Allow registered users to submit content to your system. Let them write a comment, offer a promotion, or submit a blog or a piece of news.

Content Publishing Workflow

Control which content gets published by setting a content publishing workflow. Allow some users to submit content, and others to approve it.

Profile Display

Allow users to set up a public profile which displays their personal details, services and experience. Great for associations or memberships, or for business directory pages.

User Networking

Let registered users connect and share content with each other to build their personal networks. A great feature for associations where every connection counts.

PDP Programs

Have any requirements for users to retain their memberships? Allow them to provide evidence of training, workshop attendance and registrations so you know they have the correct accreditation to use your system


Make your system fun and engaging to use through gamification. Use challenges and scores to measure users progress, and encourage them with personalised messages and congratulations.

Personalised Content

Personalise content shown to your users based on the things they find interesting. Show personalised news-feeds, and view similar blogs or products which your users might be interested in based on things they have already looked at.

Task Management

Manage your company’s task with a central technology tool. Keep all your task information in one easy to access place and ensure consistently for your customer experience with standardised practises.

Task Workflow

Set up standard workflows across your company for each of your products so that your team follow the processes they need to. Configure different flows to manage types of tasks differently.

Time Tracking

Work on a time and materials business model? Track time spent on each task at each delivery stage so you can see how your profits stack up against your estimates. Set up prompts to log time after each task interaction by your staff.

API Integrations

Working with an existing tool and want to pass data to your website or software? We can integrate it with an API, if they don’t have an API then we can write one for you.

PDF Generation

We can export your data to a PDF using our custom build, flexible PDF generator. This means your users can generate invoices or bill of materials, or export a product spec sheet from your database.

File storage

File storage allows your users to upload files to your system and have them stored securely. File storage generally is handled separately to your system hosting to make sure file don’t start slowing down your system.

Machine Learning

Software and apps can learn in all sorts of ways, we just need to tell them what information to look out for and what to do with it. By setting up a logic framework your system can learn from how users interact with it.

ERP Systems

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems can include Client webs portals, CRMs, Distribution, Finance, Purchasing, Time tracking and Project delivery and more. We can either integrate one for you or build you a custom system.

Team Management

Manage your team by setting up different roles and permissions, assign task and view how busy your team are with team calendars. Set them targets to work towards and see how they perform against these.

Settings Management

Manage the settings of your system through a master admin account. Tell us what settings you need to control and we’ll build feature so that you have access to manage it.

Custom Reporting

Report on everything you need to see to run your business the best way possible. See reporting on finances, product use, user interactions, and system performance.

Reminders & Notifications

Receive notifications for interactions with the system such as when a task is assigned to you. Be reminded when tasks are due, or that a follow up action is required.

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