How we work

Fish Vision's experienced team will align with your business to make sure the goals of both your users and your business are met.

Our process creates solutions that work and we keep you informed from concept to launch.

How we work


Introduction is about getting a new project off to the best start possible. We cover business and user goals, and align expectations on the business goals so that we all understand how the success of the project will be measured. We also cover how we will work together to achieve this success.

Concept Exploration

We begin by building an understanding of our client's brand and messaging then identify users and their needs. This creates the foundation on which to build an engaging content strategy and design. Reviewing competitors can also give us insights and learnings about the state of the industry we're working with.

Information Architecture

Taking the key messages and user objectives we map the journey of each user through the system. This creates the information architecture which details all of the screens and how they fit together, what content will be where etc. This can include mapping data requirements and integrations.

Solution Design and Prototyping

Solution design and prototyping is the process of designing the user experience. We begin this by designing how the user will interact with the solution, turning the information architecture into wireframes and prototypes. Wireframes show the user experience visually and through content layout. By connecting the wireframes into a clickable prototype we can show how a user will journey through the screens to complete their goals. This allows to client to visualise the solution, test and provide feedback.

User Interface Design

Designing the interface is adding the visual and branding to the wireframes which were created when designing the experience, taking the screens from a sketeton structure to a finished design. Working with the client's brand style we can highlight key information using design patterns, drawing the eye to guide the user through their next steps. User Interface design also includes the creation of graphics and design assets to be used in build.

Solution Development

Beginning with planning and prioritising we create a delivery timeline for the first phase of work. We then start development using short feedback loop cycles so that we can share progress with our clients, measure the results through internal quality assurance as well as client and user testing, this allows us to learn from feedback and continue to delivery results aligned with business value.


As part of launch final checks are run, and environments and deployment for managing staging and live systems are setup. We implement Google Analytic to track site behaviour and and run some SEO checks to ensure the system is aligned with the business needs. We also provide training and handover of content management system.

Development Roadmap Support

Once the system is launched the real fun begins as we start to get feedback from users. With any system there will be features they love and features they don't as well as features they don't understand how to use. We collecting this feedback, prioritising tasks into an ongoing development roadmap based on the effort required and value to the user or business.

Performance Optimisation

Once a new project is up and running we also need to ensure that it can be found. We do this through search engine optimisation (SEO) to increase organic site traffic. This can compliment and paid promotion of the system. SEO is an ongoing activity and requires regular monitoring and improvements.


Data security is a subject which has shaken the technology industry recently. If websites or software systems collect user data of any kind then it is vitally important that your users trust the security measures in place, if the data is sensitive then this only increases the importance. Fish Vision will provide advise and support on keeping all software and websites which we build up to date with the latest security releases. We can also offer additional security support through infrastructure best practise and penetration testing to identify if you have any vulnerabilities. 


Our team are experts in setting up infrastructure to meet the needs of specific project requirements. As part of the development process we'll set up dev, staging and live environments hosted with AWS which is a world wide leading hosting provider. We follow industry best practise of code management using best in market tools to deploy code between branches and environments, and ensuring code quality through linting standards. We can also implement end to end testing, functional testing and unit testing to test the impact of new features which are deployed to ensure the system remains stable and users have a seamless uninterrupted experience as new code is deployed.