Have you outgrown WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) on the market however it does have limitations

More than likely you started your new business with a fantastic dream and used a WordPress website to get your foot in the door of the digital world to start promoting it.

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) on the market as it is a great option to get up and running quickly and is therefore often a first step in building out the online presence of your business. Starting out as a blogging platform, WordPress now powers millions of business websites. When starting a new business with a million conflicting priorities it’s a quick and easy platform to get started with. 


“Your business may have literally outgrown WordPress so that your website now requires a more advanced CMS to fulfil the extra needs of your company as it grows.”


However, it does have limitations and there will come a time where your business may have literally outgrown WordPress. If this is the case then your website may require a more advanced CMS to fulfil the extra needs of your company as it grows.


1. You’re getting sick of being targeted by viruses or hackers!

One of the key areas where more advanced CMS such as Drupal will outperform WordPress every time is the area of security. Your business website is first and foremost a selling tool and if it’s offline due to a hack needing to be resolved then it’s affecting your business revenue and lead generation. If this has happened more than once then you need to look for a better solution to provide site stability.


2. You’re collecting account data or your content has become more sensitive

If your business is B2C you may be passing credit card details through your site to vendors or storing purchase history. If your business is B2B you may even be collecting and storing data on behalf of businesses you partner with. When collecting or storing any sensitive data you have a responsibility to keep this information safe, and it may be time to look beyond WordPress.

Using a CMS with a strong security reputation will not only provide peace of mind to you, but also reassure your customers and business partners that you are acting responsibly in keeping data safe from hackers.


3. Your website traffic is growing.

As your company has grown you have been working hard to build your reputation and that hard work is starting to pay off with an increase in site traffic. Only problem is that now your WordPress website has become slow to load because it’s not built to handle large volumes of traffic and all of the content you have worked so hard to write.

A common problem with WordPress is that using lots of plugins, or heavy plugins, and having a large database will slow down the page load speeds on your site. This can really impact the experience that visitors have on your site. An alternative CMS can provide much more flexible options to grow the website as your business grows


4. Plugin update issues are affecting your brand!

WordPress plugins are maintained by a huge community of developers are updates are released all of the time. WordPress will perform updates automatically however sometimes they don’t go as smoothly as you’d hope.

It’s all too common to find that your plugins are not working properly or not at all after an update has been completed. Unless you are testing your site thoroughly after every update you may not even notice that the user experience has been interrupted and this can cause you to lose sales and lead opportunities. Any inconsistency in your websites performance will affect the impression of your brand in the minds of your websites visitors so it’s important to choose a CMS solution that professionally represents your business and creates positive lasting impressions.


5. Your brand has outgrown WordPress themes.

In looking through WordPress theme libraries there seem to be thousands of design options to choose from. The problem is that when you start to click through the demos they all start looking the same.

You’ve worked hard on your business and need your brand, vision and service or product offering to stand out in the minds of your visitors. Creating a website that aligns with your brand and business objectives may require a custom design to really make it stand out from the pack.


If any of these strike a chord then it’s time to talk to an expert about your business needs goals and how your website can best support them. Fish Vision are experts in both WordPress and Drupal CMS and can talk you through when it’s time to make a switch to take your business into the next phase of its growth.


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