Drupal and Membership websites

Drupal is the leading content management system (CMS) framework for reliability, security, flexibility and scalability. It is currently used on over 1.5 million websites, including global enterprises, governments, higher education institutions, and NGOs. It is backed by one of the world’s most innovative open source communities of developers.

Drupal CMS can be used as a framework for creating many different kinds of websites, one type which it is a great platform for is membership site. Drupal is very flexible, scalable and has a great reputation for high security. Drupal allows for memberships to be easily configured to create various roles with differing permissions so businesses can provide special pricing for different membership levels, controlling access to content or the ability to create content, or whatever access levels the membership structure needs.

Drupal is flexible, scalable and secure making it a great fit for membership sites

Organisations which can benefit from Drupal’s user management technology include Associations and Non-Profit groups, or business which offer users a personal profile area for managing their relationship with the business.

Some examples of Drupal website requiring membership registration are;

  • Industry member directory access

  • Promotion of individual and / or business profile

  • Ability to initiate connection across member network

  • Industry professional development and accreditation management

  • Submission of content for review and publication in blogs, magazines and newsletters

  • Access to Industry announcements or latest news

  • Access to member only benefits, promotions, deals and events  

  • Access to member only content such as conference and presentation files

  • Submitting claims and requests

  • Viewing and managing order or payment history

  • Managing recurring orders or subscription licenses

  • Reporting, and data imports and exports

Drupal allows not only for user permission management but also supports logic to trigger activities based on interactions or rules. With Drupal we can set up reminders to be sent out when a membership period is due to be renewed, we can update content based on what we know about the member for example event pricing can reflect the logged in users special pricing. Accreditation for membership can be tracked based on professional development activity completed within the period and submitted to a membership board for review, and content can be reviewed and managed based on publishing workflows with notifications being triggered at each stage of the process.