TStreet React Application

Cloud-Based Software
API Development
Continuous Integration
Ruby on Rails
Test-driven development

Fish Vision worked closely with TStreet's founder to validate this new concept software. In understanding the features which had been built to that point we were able to define the value offered to the user and define the audience for the tool. Through user interviews this was defined further and areas of improvement were identified to take the project forward. Validation was provided by analysing market size within Australia, and scaled to estimate the potential global market. In reviewing current translation tools we were able to evaluate competitors within the market.

TStreet offers a bookstore to users reading in languages which are not their original native language. The tool offers the original text of the book and displays it with a literal word for word translation as well as a fluent contextual translation. Readers are able to use these translations to fully understand the individual words of the language they are learning to read in, as well as how the words connect together to form sentences.

The platform is built in React for flexibility as it allows for reusable components to be created and adapted across the system, this integrates with a Ruby backend. It integrates with Stripe to securely take credit card payments from readers buying books from the bookstore and tracks transaction history so authors can see the royalty payments which they accrue with each purchase. Google translate API powers and builds the automatic bookstore translations, the software also allows for a manual translation of a book to be made in order to support languages and dialects which are not supported by Google.


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